Upload Bing and Google Campaigns into Your 7Search Account

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7Search import google bing
When it comes to smaller advertising platforms, flexibility and features matter. The team at 7Search gets that, and has recently added the ability to import both Google and Bing campaigns into your 7Search accounts.

Considering the differences in campaign structure between 7Search and Google/Bing, the import process is surprisingly well done. Simply export your active campaigns using AdWords Editor or BingAds Editor and save to your desktop. Login to your 7Search account and visit the Tools section to access the import section for each. Follow the instructions and your campaigns will be live in literally minutes.

The Good

  • Process takes existing ad groups and makes them 7Search friendly.
  • Allows users to set up entire account in just minutes.

The Bad

  • Existing 7Search account keyword limits can affect ability to import campaign.
  • Imported keyword’s bids are accurate provided they do not exceed $0.50. Any bids above that price point will be added at $0.50, resulting in additional time needed to tweak them.


  • It’s rare to see a smaller platform accept campaigns from the larger networks.
  • The whole process is fairly straightforward, and multiple attempts at importing different campaigns went off without a hitch.

Our contacts with 7Search have confirmed that there will be additional versions of these upload tools released throughout 2014 in response to user feedback, so get your
in! If you have been on the fence (shameless plug alert!) about getting started with 7Search, click the banner on the right and get a 25% bonus on your first deposit with them today!

Have you tested this new feature? Sound off in the comments below.


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