PPC 101: The Search Query Report

In our continuing PPC 101 series, we are exploring the staple of paid search optimization: the Search Query Report. This report is the key to learning which keywords or phrases surfers use to trigger your ads in the SERPS. This tool is powerful and the report will assist you in: Finding new keywords Identifying potential […]

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PPC 101: Keyword Relevancy

In today’s edition of PPC 101, I’d like to take some time to discuss Keyword relevancy and how it is pivotal to creating a successful campaign. A common misstep among new advertiser is the rationale they use for the keywords they choose. Many believe high volume keywords + high volume traffic = high volume conversions, […]

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PPC 101: Intro to the SERPs

As someone new to online advertising, I have arrived at a troubling truth: there are seemingly a million different acronyms that sum up everything! CPC meet CTR. SEO meet PPC. ROI…everyone’s worried about their ROI! OMG!!! One term referenced quite often is SERP (Search Engine Result Page) What are SERPs? In short, they are list […]

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Circle Me, Man ; My First Impressions of Google+

Well, I finally took the plunge and joined Google+. Well, maybe not so much a “plunge” at first. More like dipping my toe in the water, just to see how cold it was. Once I realized that I controlled the temperature, I jumped right in. I won’t say that my opinion from my previous article […]

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Google+: Friend, or Foe?

“Google+ was built primarily as an identity service” That statement, uttered by then Google CEO Eric Schmidt, was enough to initially steer me away from Google+. When did Google become the world’s identity archive? I’m skeptical that Google+ true intent is not to create the next great Social Network, but to collect data from all […]

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PPC 101 – Tips for Quality Landing Pages

Landing pages are one of the most under-appreciated components to a successful search marketing campaign. The landing page really creates first lasting impression of your business, and visitors will judge the quality of your website within seconds. Your ultimate goal should be to retain visitors and generate sales. The wrong landing page design will result […]

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