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Whoa…Slow Down, Bing Ads!

It’s been said that when “You miss a day, you miss alot”. Admittedly, a few months have passed I last logged in to my Bing advertising account, but it appears that “alot” is an understatement. Microsoft is once again following the lead of Google by implementing the “one password to rule them all” requirement to […]

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Last Minute Tips for Moving the CTR Needle this Holiday Season

This article originally appeared in the December issue of WebsiteMagazine Let’s face facts. We have made it to the December issue of Website Magazine and you find yourself here reading an article providing tips for improving the click through rate (CTR) on your PPC advertising campaigns. This can only lead me to one of three […]

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AskPPC at AD:Tech NYC!

The AskPPC team is back in the office, fresh off our visit to “The Big Apple” attending AD:Tech NYC! We were able to spend 3 full days in Manhattan, visiting the various booths and connecting with old friends. If you’ve never been to an AD:Tech show, let us start by stating the obvious: it’s massive! […]

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online safety

Staying Safe Online this Holiday Season

There was a time years ago when any online activity, be it shopping, browsing, or email, was considered a novelty. Now, with online sales expected to top $600 billion and 6 of 7 Americans currently connected, the need for protecting yourselves on the web has never been greater. With such a huge portion of the […]

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7Search Display

Exclusive Hands On with 7Search Display Ads

[image via EsellerMedia] In the month of November, AskPPCBlog is proud to present exclusive “hands on” reviews of the new 7Search Display Advertising & Publisher network. Join us as we review the ins and outs of the advertising platform, providing tips and tricks on how to best utilize the Banner, Text Ad, and Interstitial advertising […]

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Search Giant Google Turns 15

Online search giant Google is celebrating it’s 15th anniversary this month, releasing an updated Chrome browser featuring an embedded search bar and apps functionality, improvements to their Knowledge Graph, an updated design for mobile search results, a pending upgrade to their search algorithm (codename: Hummingbird), and, of course, the much anticipated 15th birthday “doodle”: The […]

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real-time bidding

The Rise of Programmatic Ad Buying Through Real-Time Bidding & Ad Networks

(image via ContentCrossRoads) As an Ad Agency executive, I consistently run into potential clients who are looking to buy media in the display banner ad space. A majority of the potential clients I see are beginners when it comes to display or rich media, and the only thing they know about display ad buying is […]

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How Facebook Advertising Works (And How to Make it Work for You)

As a small to medium business owner, you have to envy Facebook. With it’s huge reach, the platform manages to do what an SMB can only dream about. Facebook is perpetually in front of your potential customer’s eyeballs, which begs the question, “How can I get into their newsfeeds?” Facebook offer several options for small […]

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Rich Snippets

Improve Your Search Results with Rich Snippets

Looking at search results for your competitors and seeing search results with images, reviews and extra links in the search results? Welcome to the new, well relatively new, world of based rich snippet markup. This HMTL5 based code has been shown to have a positive impact on search engine rankings as well as increasing […]

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Is the World Still Krazy for Klout?

[image via ReworkEngine] “When was the last time I looked at my Klout score?” The thought entered my mind somewhere in between my morning Mountain Dew (don’t judge me, coffee drinkers; we both have problems) and my first call of the day. A random thought? Sure, but the real reason for writing this article is […]

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