Can Jott Change the Future of Marketing?

Have you heard about the messaging app Jott yet? The free app,available on iOS and Android, has been generating serious buzz recently due to its unique approach to connecting members (No data? No wifi? No problem!) and it’s high adoption rate with teens. For marketers looking reach the next wave of consumers (Millenials are so […]

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New Display Advertising Formats on the Horizon?

The display advertising world is on the cusp of big changes. The banner ad, long the bane of many a performance marketers across the globe, may eventually go the way of the dodo, if the IAB has anything to say about it. What Marketers Need to Know About New IAB Display Advertising Formats from Marketing […]

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Mobile Redirect Ads: The Scourge of Internet?

[Source] Unaware of the impact of mobile redirect ads? What you don’t know might be killing your publisher revenue. Generating revenue by serving ads on your website is a tough gig. Those fortunate enough to toe the fine line of requirements presented by Google Adsense can expect to serve top-notch offers from the industry leader. […]

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