PPC|Phone Tracking & Lead Validation Tips for 2015

PPC is a very measurable form of Internet marketing. Advertisers can collect data to understand exactly how well their campaigns are working, giving them the granular insight they need to continuously improve results. The problem is, many PPC campaigns don’t take advantage of their measurability, which leaves advertisers in the dark about results and unable […]

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Crafting an Effective PPC Campaign Offer

Ultimately, the success or failure of a PPC campaign comes down to the quality of the offer. Obviously, a lousy offer won’t generate a lot of sales leads, no matter how proficiently the campaign is executed. So what makes for a good offer? Here are a few of the most important characteristics. A Good Offer […]

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3 Quick PPC Ad Writing Tips

Writing ads for your online marketing campaigns is serious business. Marrying the right ad copy with an effective landing page can take you “PPC Zero” to “SEM Rockstar” in short order. Unfortunately for many new marketers, writing the perfect ad remains as intimidating as trying trying to lasso a leprechaun riding bareback on a unicorn […]

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Google Enhanced Campaigns –Targeting the Same User on Multiple Devices

It is imperative, as users begin to move seamlessly between multiple devices, that marketers can effectively reach these users on each.  To address this, Google has just launched Google Enhanced Campaigns. What are Google Enhanced Campaigns?  They are Adwords campaigns that will replace your existing campaigns (I am being told that all campaigns will be […]

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Surviving the 2nd Tier: A/B Testing and 7Search

The online marketing industry, bringing in billions of dollars yearly, is comparable to the California Gold Rush of the 1850’s.  Novice marketers flood the “wild west” of the Internet with their offers in hopes of striking it rich, but too often their ventures turn out to be fool’s gold. It all seems simple enough. The […]

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PPC 101: The Search Query Report

In our continuing PPC 101 series, we are exploring the staple of paid search optimization: the Search Query Report. This report is the key to learning which keywords or phrases surfers use to trigger your ads in the SERPS. This tool is powerful and the report will assist you in: Finding new keywords Identifying potential […]

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PPC 101: Keyword Relevancy

In today’s edition of PPC 101, I’d like to take some time to discuss Keyword relevancy and how it is pivotal to creating a successful campaign. A common misstep among new advertiser is the rationale they use for the keywords they choose. Many believe high volume keywords + high volume traffic = high volume conversions, […]

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PPC 101: Intro to the SERPs

As someone new to online advertising, I have arrived at a troubling truth: there are seemingly a million different acronyms that sum up everything! CPC meet CTR. SEO meet PPC. ROI…everyone’s worried about their ROI! OMG!!! One term referenced quite often is SERP (Search Engine Result Page) What are SERPs? In short, they are list […]

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PPC 101 – Tips for Quality Landing Pages

Landing pages are one of the most under-appreciated components to a successful search marketing campaign. The landing page really creates first lasting impression of your business, and visitors will judge the quality of your website within seconds. Your ultimate goal should be to retain visitors and generate sales. The wrong landing page design will result […]

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PPC 101: Negative Keywords

There comes a point on the road to search marketing success where you will find yourself face-to-face with the often misunderstood, never quite appreciated Negative Keyword. While Negative Keywords are a great way to optimize your ad placement in the search results, the mere mention of adding these to an existing campaign is enough to […]

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