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Crafting an Effective PPC Campaign Offer

Ultimately, the success or failure of a PPC campaign comes down to the quality of the offer. Obviously, a lousy offer won’t generate a lot of sales leads, no matter how proficiently the campaign is executed. So what makes for a good offer? Here are a few of the most important characteristics. A Good Offer […]

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7Search Adds Mobile Friendly Landing Pages to Campaigns

[post orignally appeared on 7SearchBlog here] [source] 7Search works with many of the top mobile traffic networks and has helped to optimize the experience for their marketers by providing a new mobile landing page field in its campaigns. After all, nothing Will annoy your visitors more than clicking on a link and landing on a […]

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New Display Advertising Formats on the Horizon?

The display advertising world is on the cusp of big changes. The banner ad, long the bane of many a performance marketers across the globe, may eventually go the way of the dodo, if the IAB has anything to say about it. What Marketers Need to Know About New IAB Display Advertising Formats from Marketing […]

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Can Dynamic Text Replacement Change the SEM Game?

Building winning landing pages is tough work for marketers with access to designers. The reality, however, is that most marketers don’t have the resources to have a designer available full time, and find themselves increasingly turning to simpler “plug and go” landing page builders like Marketo, Instapage, Wordstream, and countless others to fill this need. […]

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Hands On: 7Search Integrates Display & Search Platforms

For users of the 7Search Advertising Platform, Christmas has come early this year. Due to overwhelming feedback from their clients, the team at 7Search has introduced new integration between the previously standalone Display and Advertising platforms. Now, users can sync and access both accounts via the familiar PPC account dashboard: (click to enlarge) This new […]

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Whoa…Slow Down, Bing Ads!

It’s been said that when “You miss a day, you miss alot”. Admittedly, a few months have passed I last logged in to my Bing advertising account, but it appears that “alot” is an understatement. Microsoft is once again following the lead of Google by implementing the “one password to rule them all” requirement to […]

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7Search Display

Exclusive Hands On with 7Search Display Ads

[image via EsellerMedia] In the month of November, AskPPCBlog is proud to present exclusive “hands on” reviews of the new 7Search Display Advertising & Publisher network. Join us as we review the ins and outs of the advertising platform, providing tips and tricks on how to best utilize the Banner, Text Ad, and Interstitial advertising […]

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Search Giant Google Turns 15

Online search giant Google is celebrating it’s 15th anniversary this month, releasing an updated Chrome browser featuring an embedded search bar and apps functionality, improvements to their Knowledge Graph, an updated design for mobile search results, a pending upgrade to their search algorithm (codename: Hummingbird), and, of course, the much anticipated 15th birthday “doodle”: The […]

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real-time bidding

The Rise of Programmatic Ad Buying Through Real-Time Bidding & Ad Networks

(image via ContentCrossRoads) As an Ad Agency executive, I consistently run into potential clients who are looking to buy media in the display banner ad space. A majority of the potential clients I see are beginners when it comes to display or rich media, and the only thing they know about display ad buying is […]

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A Facebook Search Engine: Will We Ever See One?

In the online marketing world, 2013 has ushered in a bevy of updates quicker than you can whisper “AskJeeves”. So far, marketers have been presented with an updated Facebook Graph Search Beta (January 2013) and the pending transition towards Adwords Enhanced Campaigns for all ads on Google. If your head is spinning, you’re likely not […]

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