Google Enhanced Campaigns –Targeting the Same User on Multiple Devices

It is imperative, as users begin to move seamlessly between multiple devices, that marketers can effectively reach these users on each.  To address this, Google has just launched Google Enhanced Campaigns. What are Google Enhanced Campaigns?  They are Adwords campaigns that will replace your existing campaigns (I am being told that all campaigns will be […]

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Surviving the 2nd Tier: A/B Testing and 7Search

The online marketing industry, bringing in billions of dollars yearly, is comparable to the California Gold Rush of the 1850’s.  Novice marketers flood the “wild west” of the Internet with their offers in hopes of striking it rich, but too often their ventures turn out to be fool’s gold. It all seems simple enough. The […]

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Remarketing: Hard Sell or Easy Money?

Remarketing(or Retargeting) has seen increased conversation on Twitter recently. After viewing a introductory webinar, I Using traditional paid search techniques, marketers have essentially accepted the stance of “It’s ok if 90-95% of my clicks don’t convert”. With Retargeting, marketers have an opportunity to capture a larger share of those bounces. According to Google,“Remarketing lets you show […]

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Exclusive Interview with MonkeyWords Founder Jordan Glasner

While attending Hanapin Marketing’s 1st Annual Hero Conference in mid-April,(a highly recommended conference, by the way), I was able to sit down with MonkeyWords Founder, CEO, and all-around AdWords guru, Mr. Jordan Glasner. Jordan was gracious enough to share a few drinks engage in quality networking and participate in our first ever interview here on […]

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Apple Could be THE Sleeping Giant in Search

Much is being made of the pending Facebook IPO and what it could ultimately mean for online advertising. While the reach of the Facebook network is unmatched at nearly 1 billion users, there is another “tech” company out there that has the potential to make a serious splash if, or more likely when, they decide […]

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Apples and Apples: Comparing Two Display Giants, And What You Can Learn From It

I was recently browsing through my emails, and noticed an update from one of the discussion groups I follow on SearchEngineWatch (a great resource for pay per click advertising insight, btw). One article, in particular, caught my eye: “The Difference between Google & Yahoo Advertising“, by Gabe Elliot, Director of Sales at Channel Intelligence. Now, […]

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Surviving the 2nd Tier: Get Traffic with

Bing, Yahoo, Google. Pricey, Pricier, Priciest. Marketers looking to drive traffic to their site(s) have long been resolved to having to “pony up” ad dollars to compete on the Big 3 search engines. Accounting for nearly 85% of the market, these platforms, like seatbelts and car insurance*, are necessary nuisances when operating on the PPC […]

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Slapped by Google : What Now?

Let’s start with the facts. Fact #1 – There is no better passive revenue generating source on the market than Google’s Adsense Publisher Program. While the number of “alternatives” seems to increase daily, they lack the overall reach, volume of advertisers, and quality that Adsense delivers. These traits make its use highly desirable. Fact #2 […]

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