comScore and Nielsen Settle Patent Lawsuit

All is well in the world of online traffic reporting, as industry heavyweights comScore and The Nielsen Co. have reached a settlement inn their patent infringement lawsuit. Initiated in March of this year, The Nielsen Company took comScore to court over five patents related to tracking, reporting and analysis of traffic, and computer activity. [Techland]

In the original lawsuit, Nielsen requested an injunction against further infringement, damages, and injunction against further infringement, damages, and a finding that the case rates “exception,” meaning an award of its attorneys’ fees. [Hollywood,ESQ] In the settlement, however, Nielsen has received $19 million is comScore stock and comScore receives ownership of patents involved in the suit. More importantly both companies agreed to refrain from bringing additional patent lawsuits against each other. [Mashable]

While this settlement benefits both parties and seems to indicate the possibility of a possible merger down the line by these industry stalwarts, the real winners are their customers and the online advertising industry as a whole. The amicable settlement brings us all one step closer to standardized reporting of online traffic, which can only further legitimize our industry.