Exclusive Interview with MonkeyWords Founder Jordan Glasner

While attending Hanapin Marketing’s 1st Annual Hero Conference in mid-April,(a highly recommended conference, by the way), I was able to sit down with MonkeyWords Founder, CEO, and all-around AdWords guru, Mr. Jordan Glasner. Jordan was gracious enough to share a few drinks engage in quality networking and participate in our first ever interview here on AskPPCBlog!

AskPPC: Thanks for sitting down with us today, Jordan! Can you give our readers some insight into your background? How does Jordan Glasner fit into the Online Marketing/Paid Search ecosystem?

Jordan (JG): Even though I’ve been in search marketing for years, I’m a bit of an unknown. The early days of pseudonyms were hard to leave behind. I stumbled onto search marketing right out of school. I launch my first retail site in 2000, and it exploded overnight… to the tune of a whopping 5 visits a day! My hunt for traffic landed me on a little forum called WebmasterWorld.

After that, I never called myself a web designer again.

In 2002, I partnered up with a couple old-school retailers at BrandsOnSale.com as head of eCommerce. A fancy title which meant I could be a designer, developer, and more importantly,a marketer.

Last year, I sold my shares to focus 100% on MonkeyWords.

AskPPC: So you decided to go “all in” with Search Marketing. What excites you about this industry?

JG: There are two sides to this. The constant flux is what gets me up in the morning. It’s been twelve years and search is still in its infancy. There’s something new to learn almost every day.

Then there’s my rebellious side, which hates traditional marketing. My generation was the first to be inundated from birth with typical push marketing, and by now it’s grown old. Search let’s me sell things without being a pushy salesman, and I love that!

AskPPC: Why call it MonkeyWords?

JG: The name is meant to convey the biggest differences between the app and existing solutions. Our application is:

  • friendly and helpful
  • easy to use
  • made for the long tail

People are sick of bloated enterprise software. Cute and cuddly has been a trend in consumer apps, and I think we’re going to see this move over to the SMB space over the next few years. I guess the “Ah Ha” moment in the naming process for MonkeyWords went something like this…

  • I need a cute mascot, something like HipMunk.com
  • What animal has the longest tail?
  • How about a giraffe?!? Well,that doesn’t make any sense…
  • What about a monkey? They have long tails
  • Oh wait, monkey ends in “key”
  • Monkey+Keywords,… MonkeyWords

High fives all around!

AskPPC: I can see that. I guess Mon-keykey-words might not be the best idea for a company name.
JG: ?
AskPPC: Hmm…awkward…

AskPPC: So, can you tell our readers what exactly MonkeyWords is?

JG: Sure! Monkeywords is the fastest way to create and manage long tail campaigns for Google Adwords. I know I’m preaching to the choir a bit here, but Adwords takes a ridiculous amount of tima and manual work. And I hate manual work…

So I automated everything that doesn’t require thought such as:

  • pouring through search query reports to find new negative keywords
  • finding text ads tests that have reached statistical significance
  • creating and uploading keywords with multiple match types is one easy step

The result? I only open Excel once or twice a week for a couple minutes. Instead of juggling reports, MonkeyWords highlights where I can take action.

AskPPC: With all of the players in this niche, what makes MonkeyWords unique? What need do you see it filling?

JG: Existing solutions want to be everything to everyone. An ambitious goal that makes simple tasks overly complicated. Instead I have one goal: Deliver results with the long tail for everyone.

A narrower focus means:

  • Conventions over configuration
  • More time for the most pressing problems
  • A simpler interface

AskPPC: When is MonkeyWords going public? Pricing?

JG: The monkey comes out of the bag this June. Initially, there will be a waiting list as I plan to to help the first wave of new users personally. Your readers can get to the top of the list by signing up today at http://monkeywords.com. Simply submit your email address and I’ll reach out to learn more about your advertising needs.

Fair pricing was a major hurdle for us. Paying a percentage of spend is a holdover from Mad Men, and it’s time to leave it behind. That means a simple pricing model based on the resources used, i.e. number of keywords, instead of the amount of money being paid to Google. Most advertisers will fit qualify for our most affordable plan at $100 per month for 10,000 keywords. Notice there is no mention of number of users or accounts: MonkeyWords is all you can eat for everything except keywords.

AskPPC: Thank you for taking the time to sit down and share your new project with our readers, Jordan. I think you have an awesome solution that will change the way people optimize their AdWords campaigns. We wish you nothing but success with Monkeywords.

JG: Thanks again for having me today Cleo. I’m always available at jordan@monkeywords.com , if anyone wants to chat about the new app or Adwords in general.