LinkedIn, Part 2: Advanced Search Options


Today, in the second part of my series on how LinkedIn can help our reader’s businesses, we are going to discuss it’s Advanced People Search options. Special thanks to Kevin Knebl’s excellent Webinar which helped introduce me to its powerful functionality.

linkedin advanced search

LinkedIn’s Advanced People Search delivers a robust, targeted search experience. The purpose for such a tool is to seek out networking opportunities, reconnect with former managers or co-employees, and to build new relationships. The difference between this and reconnecting on Facebook or another platform is the ability to find new connections through a series of filters. The system has a fantastic level of specificity that allows the user to search by postal code, job title, company name, industry, and even by the LinkedIn discussion group they may be monitoring.

I use Twitter and Facebook all the time to continually educate myself. Blogs, articles, even status updates, help me grow my knowledge. Offering the opportunity to take a person’s name or location, I have been able to connect with some amazing people in order to benefit from their knowledge and also prospect for my company. You never know when a new opportunity may appear, and everyone loves new business.

I recently came across a person on one of LinkedIn’s discussion groups who was looking for applicants with a specific skill set. As a test, I entered the skills (crystal report writing, Raiser’s Edge administration) into the Keyword box.

It returned dozens of individuals with related skills. Within the search results, you can further sort by relevance. Select from the Sort by options by relevance. The options include relationship, recommendations, and connections. The system also breaks down your results by company, industry, and pat companies worked for.

The amount of detail is amazing. You can build a profile for the exact needs you are trying to fill, look up work history, and then connect directly to your prospect or lead. And yes, you can find leads, as well. If you are trying to find possible vendors for your product, perform a search using keywords related to your service. Perform a search by industry to find possible opportunities for sales prospecting.

There are even more detailed search options that are available when you purchase a premium level account. You could search by job function, company size, seniority level, and interests. The access this provides is unparalleled. Being able to reach CEOs and other upper level management types can benefit you in so many ways. You can submit questions, make introductions, add them to your network, etc.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool, and this option gives your account the ability to complete valuable research and prospecting. Unlike the other social networking sites, you can search through refined targeting to cut down on time and effort. Add this to your routine on your account.

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  1. Good advice, John. I will use the advance filtering feature more productively, now. thanks.

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