My Analytics App (IOS) Provides Data on the Go

Have you ever found yourself in a meeting with management where your marketing performance data became the focal point? Are you frustrated with the lack of ability to quickly access that data without having to whip out a tablet or, worse, having to run back to your desktop PC to obtain it? What if there is no internet connection available? Feel like all the available apps that show Google Analytics data stink?

Kissmetrics App The team at KISSmetrics may just have the solution to your needs with their new My Analytics App, which “…shows your Google Analytics data when you’re on the go, in a meeting, or need an quick update.”

The IOS only (for now) App allows iPhone users to sync their Google Analytics campaigns and pull pertinent data, including visits, visitors, page views, and ecommerce KPIs with quickly, and with little effort. According to their iTunes page, KISSmetrics feels that this app is needed because, “Most apps for Google Analytics are either too simplistic or try to force every report into the app. And trying to compare today’s data with your past data is nearly impossible. It’s not enough to know the basic stats for today, you need to know how your data is changing.

With My Analytics, you’ll be able to compare today’s data with yesterday, the same day last week, and the same day two weeks ago. You can also compare yesterday’s data with previous weeks or this week’s data to previous weeks.”

In the coming days we plan to provide an in-depth review of this new app, and recommend all marketers with IOS compatible devices to download the free version today to give it a whirl. Already downloaded the My Analytics app? Please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback on the app in the comments section below.