New Year, New Team! Meet the Crew of AskPPCBlog

So long 2011. We hardly new ye.

This is the time of year where hope springs eternal, everyone posts their best “…of the Year” content, and resolutions reign supreme.

Well, you won’t be getting any of that from AskPPCBlog this year. We outlawed pessimism when we started this thing, have only been at it about 6 months, and tend to make our changes incrementally. Resolutions are for quitters 🙂

Admittedly, the New Year is a time for change, and our humble site is no different. We are looking to ramp up the articles for all (6…I kid, I kid) of our regular readers, so, in keeping with the New Year theme, I’d like to take a moment to introduce the newest members of the AskPPCBlog team!

John Moran – PPC Account Manager and Blogger at He’s in this picture somewhere, we swear! A key contributor to the 7search blog, John has been managing accounts there since 2010 and brings experience in search tactics and 2nd tier PPC. Feel free to connect with John on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn.

    Maribell Delgado – Account Manager at Personal Blogger at home

:)New to the Paid Search game, Maribell brings a fresh perspective on established SEM tactics! Check out her PPC 101 posts for explanations on all of those “buzz” words that drive newbies batty! She’s also new to all of this “social media stuff” so connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Share the love, people!

    Abdul Umer – Experienced Social Media & Marketing Professional

: Abdul sums his style up best, “I’m not a Social Media Guru. In fact, there’s no such thing as a social media guru. I’m just the guy that engages You. That said, social media is an interesting and evolving field, and I’ll hope to be able to shed some light on those little entities known as The Facebook and The Twitter and the LOL’s.” Connect with Abdul on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

So here’s to a new, exciting, and prosperous year, both for paid search marketing and AskPPCBlog! We you all success and invite you along for the ride as we grow!