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Pinterest: The New Kid on the Block

pinterestingPinterest has been making some serious noise lately. According to Jason Falls on, the shared content social media site registered more than 7 million unique visitors in December 2011. On, Zoe Fox reported that the site beat YouTube, Reddit, Google+, Linkedin, and Myspace for total referral traffic this past January. Pinterest’s “pin” icons are appearing on more sites, allowing you to sync your actions back to a Pinterest account.

As it is still a bit of an enigma to me, I wanted to further explore the attraction of this site. Josh Constine, on TechCrunch, reports that the base of its audience is situated in the Midwest and certain Southern States. “Unlike most web startups, Pinterest’s core user base is not the typical early adopter set from the west and east coasts of the United States. While the Pacific and North East regions contained the most Pinterest users in May, now its strongholds are in the East South Central and West North Central States, such as Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, and Mississippi.” The majority of this audience is between 18 and 34, with an upper income, and female. Call me crazy, but that type of audience is a goldmine for a marketer, yes?

I also wanted to understand the practical application for the tools it provides. How could this be used by an advertiser? What are the lessons and knowledge you can gain by using this in your every day routine? How do I build interest in a product through this medium, and continue to build a following?

I created a Pinterest account in the hopes to test out the abilities of the site. I created “boards,” which essentially are categories where you would place “pins,” which are sites and images that are connected to the categories. I’m going to be tracking my boards, and increase my followers over the next week or so. I’ll be following up with my findings so we can all share in this hot new service. My hope is that I can find ways to make this useful to a marketer, how it can help you increase your traffic, and optimize your boards for best practice. Look for my results in the coming weeks!


  1. Interesting that Pinterest is a midwestern start up! That must explain why most of my local Facebook friends are using it. As for the marketing aspect – I see great potential for product based businesses but am still questioning the service based businesses. What are those people going to post – charts & graphs? Doesn’t sound like something very “pinnable” to me. I must do deeper research!

  2. I agree. Cleofe and I have done some research and found some really interesting things. I hope to share this with you all before the end of the week! Thanks for reading1

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