The Facebook Brand Timeline Switch: Are You Ready?

March 30th is “D-Day” for brands to switch over to the Facebook’s Timeline layout. Think you don’t even need to do anything? Think again.

At first glance, Timeline appears to be just another FB mandated revamp of your current profile. In truth, it is so much more than that. Facebook has taken a minimalist approach to the transition and offers the following three tips to users:

1.)    Brand your Page

2.)    Highlight what matters

3.)    Manage everything in one place.

These, along with the ability to preview your page in the Timeline layout, are pretty much all the help provided by Facebook. Fortunately, you have AskPPC to get you through this!

If you are doing any type of online marketing for your business, than the chances are good that you have a brand page. What’s great is that the same basic principles behind PPC apply, specifically, know your audience and tailor their experience to suit them. Do this while taking advantage of the tools at your disposal and success is sure to follow.

Here’s what we know and what users need to change.

  • You will need a Facebook Cover Photo.
  • The format for the Profile Picture has changed, so we’ll need a new one of those.
  • What used to be pages or tabs in the previous version are now known as Applications.
  • You can pick your top 4 Apps or pages to display.
  • You can also give these Apps icons to distinguish them from each other, so you will need icons too.

Most important is the Timeline itself. The real value of the Timeline layout is that it makes it VERY easy for a visitor to view milestones in your business history. So this is a great chance to flesh out milestones in your history that you want visitors to see with pictures and video.

Important stuff to know:

Facebook Cover Photo: 850px wide by 315px high. Create a high resolution photo that fits those specs to avoid distortion and to give your profile the most polished look possible. There’s endless opportunity here, so think strategically about what you want to visually communicate. This is your first impression so make it count.


Profile Picture: 180px by 180px. The profile picture is much more Twitteresque this time around. Now that the space has shrunk and is square, this is probably a good place to put your company logo. It’s also a great opportunity to tie your profile picture and cover photo together for a unique result.

Apps are pretty self explanatory. Choose an icon that expresses the purpose of your app/page accurately. Note that you really only control 3/4 of the top apps (photos are locked in place).

Timeline is a big one. Mark ALL of your milestones and accomplishments starting from the beginning. You can mark things like they day you received your first paying customer, or hired your 10th employee. When you opened a new office, or finally built that rec room your colleagues were clamoring for. Anything and everything that adds to the conversation is appropriate here. This is the most unique thing about timeline and it’s a great way to foster engagement.

Got tips of your own? Drop them in the comments.