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Twitter Rolling Out “Promoted Tweets” to Non-Followers

Your Twitter stream might be getting just a bit more crowded.  Team Bluebird is rolling out an update to their Promoted Tweets ad platform that will show ads for business that you may not necessarily be a follower of.  The ads will be served based on signals that indicate you might be interested in the product based on brands you already follow.  Or, as Adotas put it,”if you follow Burger King and Wendy’s, you might see a Promoted Tweet (labeled so) from McDonald’s saying that Big Macs are on the dollar menu.”

While Twitter making better use of their social graph will improve the exposure for their Promoted Tweets, the jury is still out on the reaction from their core users.  To their credit, Twitter has traditionally introduced advertising updates gradually, which has minimized backlash. Only time will tell what, if any, negative feedback the Twitter community has towards this latest iteration.