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Will Customers Care About Facebook Ticker Ads?

In the past few months, the crew over at Facebook has made quite a few changes to the overall look and feel of the user experience. One of the more curious additions, the Facebook Ticker, which added a second update stream to the page, now has new life as an advertisin channel for Sponsored Stories. Facebook Ticker ads are soon to be a reality.

According to an article by ClickZ, “Facebook will increase the distribution for Sponsored Stories by allowing them to run in the ticker across the site, ClickZ News has learned. Since the ticker – a lightweight newsfeed seen on the upper right-hand part of – was launched in August, the social context ads had been running only via the app ticker for Facebook games.”

When the Ticker was introduced, its strong similarity to Twitter left many users scratching their heads as to why Facebook chose to include it. It seemed to many users, including me, to be the answer to a question no one was asking. With an increase in these new Promoted Tweets Sponsored Stories appearing, many users may question whether Twitter has invaded their streams!

For Marketers, this new ad group provides a tantalizing opportunity attempt to monetize the 800+ million registered users on the platform in a new manner. Facebook, in turn, will initially see significant revenue because of this. However, due to irrelevance of the Ticker to most users, will “Ticker Blindness” keep these ads from being a success?

What are your thoughts on Facebook’s plans to add Sponsored Stories to their Ticker? Will customers care about Facebook Ticker ads?

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