AskPPCBlog: Year in Review 2013

The end of 2013 brings with it all of the expected well wishes, resolutions, and recaps. If you know our team, then you know we are sticklers for tradition. In keeping with the spirit of season, AskPPCBlog is happy to present our official 2013 recap, covering all of the comings, goings, and doings. Please check out some of top articles from this year and know that we look forward to contributing even more in 2014!

Surviving the 2nd Tier: A/B Testing & 7Search (January) – Make the most of our favorite 2nd tier traffic source using these tips for A/B testing.

Mobile First Strategy (February) – This isn’t your father’s online marketing! The world’s gone mobile and it would be wise to have your marketing follow suit.

Google Enhanced Campaigns: Targeting the Same Users Across Multiple Devices (February) – It was a busy year at Google, and Enhanced Campaigns were just the beginning!

A Facebook Search Engine: Will We Ever See One? (February) – It seemed like a natural fit, yet a Facebook powered search engine still eludes us. Is 2014 the year it happens?

Today’s Top Mobile Advertising Networks (March) – Looking to grow your mobile marketing in 2014? This is a great place to start.

Is the World Still Krazy for Klout? (April) – If you find yourself wondering “What’s Klout?” then , well…

Improve Your Search Results with Rich Snippets (April) – Another of those changes the team over at Google pushed through for Adwords marketers in 2013. Did you test them out?

How Facebook Advertising Works ,and How to Make it Work for you (May) – The Facebook advertising platform took a giant leap forward this year. Our intro guide highlights some of its top features.

My Analytics App (IOS) Provides Data on the Go (July) – Need to check your campaign performance and have no access to your desktop? There’s an app for that.

The Rise of Programmatic Ad Buying via Real-Time Bidding and Ad Networks (July) – 2013 was the year of RTB for moving ad inventory. Will its popularity continue past 2014?

Search Giant Google Turns 15 (September) – Will they celebrate their 16th birthday with a self driving car?

Exclusive Hands On with 7Search Display Ads (October) – for years one of the best kept secrets in PPC , 7Search branched out into display marketing in 2013 and we got to spend some time learning the ins and outs.

Staying Safe Online this Holiday Season (October) – the 2nd half of 2013 had more than its fair share of online scares. These tips can help you stay safe while surfing or shopping online.

AskPPC at Ad:Tech New York! (November) – Yes, they let us in 🙂

Last Minute Tips for Moving the CTR This Holiday Season (December) – Originally appearing in WebsiteMagazine, this article shares 5 quick tips to help your campaigns succeed during the holiday season.

Whoa, Slow Down Bing Ads! (December) – Data is gold to online networks. Bing wants to be sure that it has yours.

7Search Integrates Display and Search Platforms (December) – Once 2 separate platforms, now accessible from within their PPC accounts.

So long, 2013

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