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Big Changes Coming to AdCenter

Microsoft’s adCenter advertising platform is the Rodney Dangerfield of online marketing.  Despite being the second largest platform on the market behind Google, marketers simply “give’em no respect, I tell ya” as a top flight provider of paid traffic.

Fairly or not, adCenter has been criticized for everything from low traffic volume to slow conversions to inefficient design.  To their credit, the team at adCenter has listened to the criticism and is working hard to improve.  One major headache recently addressed involved the incomprehensible lack of compatibility between the adCenter Client Center and the browsers offered by Google (Chrome) and Apple (Safari).  In my opinion, this ploy to essentially force marketers to utilize IE instead backfired.  Annoying your users is not good business, and Microsoft recently announced on their blog that they heard the complaints and fixed the problem. They wrote, “You told us what you wanted and we listened: we’re excited to announce that your number one ask in the adCenter Feature Suggestion forum is now live! As we’ve said before in previous release posts, your feedback is absolutely crucial to helping us make adCenter the platform you want it to be. If you’ve ever taken the time to share your thoughts with us, thank you! We hope this update shows that we are listening and working hard to respond with real, tangible results that directly address your feedback. ”

According to another recent blog post by Tina Keller, Microsoft is also rolling out a series of updates soon to improve the efficiency of the advertising experience. Some of the changes include:

  • Ads will no longer be shared amongst ad groups
  • Each ad group will now have a 10,000 keyword limit
  • Duplicate Keywords will be removed from ad groups
  • Gender/Age targeting option will no longer be available

To read a more thorough explanation, click on the image below:

These changes are a breath of fresh air from a company that is not, let’s be honest, known for stellar customer service. If this is a sign of things to come, we look forward to revisiting adCenter in the near future to cover its evolution.

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  1. Jennifer Yaniz

    They also need to make campaigns easier to manage. I should not have to download a search query report and then manually have to cut and paste negative keywords into that campaign. At SES Chicago people were also complaining about no stand alone version of their editor for Mac.

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