Circle Me, Man ; My First Impressions of Google+

"Maribell Delgado", "AskPPC"," AskPPCBlog" Well, I finally took the plunge and joined Google+. Well, maybe not so much a “plunge” at first. More like dipping my toe in the water, just to see how cold it was. Once I realized that I controlled the temperature, I jumped right in. I won’t say that my opinion from my previous article has changed dramatically, however, it’s been adjusted a bit.

google plus

What’s Hot?

    Although many users have complained that this feature is useless,intrusive, and annoying, I’ve actually found it to be quite useful for keeping abreast of new content on Google+. Users can also completely avoid seeing this by collapsing the dialogue box (Google promises a fix in their support section). Normally, when we want to keep up on the latest news and articles, we subscribe to newsletters or follow pages on Facebook & Twitter. I think this is so much better! The Hot Spot allows you to see what is being discussed across the globe regardless of your purpose for using G+. I use my Google+ account primarily to learn about Internet Marketing. What’s Hot is useful to me because it brings articles to light that I might otherwise overlook. I’m thinking I’m in the minority though.

    Another feature offered with Hot Spot is Google+ Ripples.

    This is a very cool feature that allows you to see where the post originated from, and how it spread. These numbers are based off of public shares only, so there will be discrepancies. Following the ripples allows you to see the people who have re-shared each post. It also has shows a line graph that illustrates the activity of the post. Beneath that you can see the statistics of the post based off of who had the most reshares, and the native language breakdown of how the post was shared.

    Related Pages

    One of the features that I find to be most valuable for Bloggers looking to drive traffic to their site or Google+ page is being able to appear as a related page. If you create a Google+ page which is not from your regular Google+ account you have the opportunity to show up to the top right of search results under “People and Pages on Google+”. This is mainly for users who concentrate on one specific topic most of the time. Just like optimizing an ad campaign, the quality of the content plays a huge role. The more you engage with people on your page, the prominent your +Page will become.


    I still have a couple of strong concerns about Google+ .One being the amount of Web History information that is being indexed, and the other is of the impact the +1 can have. The Web History information is supposed to allow users to: a)View and manage their web activity, b) get the search results most relevant to them, and c) discover and/or follow interesting trends in their web activity. Well, as someone working for an Internet company dealing with so many different websites daily, this can become problematic. How do you personalize the web for someone who Googles just about everything you can imagine? My web history has nothing to do with my personal interest. Delete all please! I also would not be surprised if the +1 is not fully appreciated by these newcomers. The internet’s (i.e., worlds) perception of you will literally be based off what is +1′ed. You will, in essence, be writing your own Internet History. Google+ newbie’s will be used to relaxed world created by Facebook’s “like” button. They may not hesitate to +1 just about anything. User’s beware

    Overall, I am okay with Goggle+. I think this is going to be a great Networking platform for those trying to promote their business, blog, music, etc. It would not surprise me to find many Facebook users slowly migrating their way to Google+ in the near future (Could FB mirror Myspace’s demise?). However, the questions are still looming, Will Google+ make it as a Social Network? Will the backlash continue? Will this just turn out to be the new way to Advertise? We will all just have to sit back and let all of this unfold. I do not think this is an issue, we are all intrigued and on the edge of our seats waiting for the next move.