Can Dynamic Text Replacement Change the SEM Game?

Building winning landing pages is tough work for marketers with access to designers. The reality, however, is that most marketers don’t have the resources to have a designer available full time, and find themselves increasingly turning to simpler “plug and go” landing page builders like Marketo, Instapage, Wordstream, and countless others to fill this need.

Unbounce, another key player in the “plug and go” landing page building space, recently launched what could be a game changer in the SEM world with their Dynamic Text Replacement feature.

dynamic text replacement

How it works (in a nutshell):

  1. Build your landing page using Unbounce Dynamic Text Replacement.
  2. Market Your page(s) across the various search engines as your normally would.
  3. Keyword that triggers the visit appears within the title (or description), improving likelihood of conversion for your page.

Why you should care

Every marketer knows that your sponsored ads have, at best, 3-5 seconds to capture the attention of a surfer and drive them your landing page. That’s it. Capturing the surfer is just the beginning of the process, however, and one of the biggest “leaks” in the conversion funnel is a landing page that does not deliver on the promise of the ad. No one likes visiting a site that feels like a bait-and-switch. This Dynamic Text Replacement feature helps increase the relevance for the surfer by adding those cues that captured your attention (title/description) naturally within the content of the page.

That’s a big deal, dear readers. A HUGE deal. Increased landing page relevance = increased sales .


This is not a sponsored post for Unbounce or their services. We actually came across this feature via an incoming email (email marketers of the world rejoice!) and had an “Ah, interesting!” moment. Not that we couldn’t be swayed with some nice swag, but we are always willing to show some love to products that can help our readers succeed.

Do you have any experience using Unbounce’s services? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Hi,

    I would like to understand how optimizely works, and if you have customers that have use it to create dynamic landing pages for SEM.

    I live in Colombia and I work for an airline called Copa Airlines, and I am in charge of SEM strategy

    Thanks a lot

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