Facebook Paid Promotion? Say Hello to the “$2 Buck Chuck”

You gotta love Team Facebook!

In an era where users openly yearn for a more customizable social media experience, one where they control more of who sees what, and (hopefully)deal with fewer annoyances, Zuck and the gang are testing a new feature sure to remove them from many Christmas Card lists. World, say hello to the $2 Highlighted Post (beta).

Highlight Post Facebook

Are you tired of your narcisstic relative’s constant posts about how great her new purse/shoes/hairstyle/spray tan make her look? Think again! For just two dollars, Narcissistic Nancy can now claim the top spot in your news feed to continue her quest to broaden your horizon with her brand new faux-Cheetah pumps. Peta friendly and fashion forward? Color me interested!

Fret not, fair Facebookers, for this service is not just limited to your annoying enlightened relatives. Think accepting anyone who requests you on your quest to build the world’s largest circle of friends is a good idea? You know you are. Be prepared to be voted “Most Likely to Be Spammed Out of Their Mind” when faced with a constant influx of “Make money/download/get rich quick” type paid posts from these characters. Even Mr. Rodgers would kick them out of his(online) neighborhood if this change were to go through.

As Emil Protalinski put it plainly, “Paid post promotion already exists on Facebook. It’s called advertising. That’s what Facebook Pages are for, not Facebook profiles.” By now we are all aware of Facebook’s looming IPO, and this is just one example of monetization possibilities “big blue” might employ to entice investors to pony up the billions(and billions) they are looking for in going public.

Will this change ever make it to mainstream FB accounts? In my opinion, it’s highly unlikely. As many marketers have learned first hand, users do not come to Facebook to spend money (unless you are Zynga). While you can’t blame Facebook for exploring the possibility monetizing the user stream, this may be more so about “greasing the wheel” for future attempts to serve ads in this space than the “Highlighting” of a post.

And for anyone who has ever been accused of being a bad decision maker, smile…Mark Zuckerberg (boy wonder) makes them too.