Fetch (as)Googlebot, Fetch!

Pictures this: You’ve come up with a business plan that is sure to rocket, people have been clamoring for a product and at the moment you’re the only one able to deliver! Yes, this is how dreams come true! All you need is a website, so you put one together and throw it up complete with a shopping cart. Now you sit back, let all those searching for your product on Google come to you. Wait, what’s this? There’s no traffic? It’s been 2 days now, a week, 2 weeks. What’s going on? Oh RIGHT! Google takes some time indexing pages, and although you had a jump on your competition your edge is no longer what it once was.

Well, today Google announced a new webmaster tool via their Webmaster Central Blog that can help remedy this situation. The new Fetch as Googlebot feature does exactly what it sounds like it would. You can submit a URL and if it has been successfully “fetched” you can submit that URL to the index. The tool also allows you to choose whether you want to submit only one URL, or that URL and all pages linked to it.

Fetch as Googlebot does come with a caveat that you are capped at a max limit of 50 submissions per week, when submitting URLs with linked pages, the limit is 10 submissions per month.

In addition to releasing this tool Google has also updated their “Add your URL to Google” form. It’s now known as the Crawl URL form. The Crawl URL form does not require verifying ownership of the site, however it does hold you to the same submission cap as the Fetch as Googlebot tool.

These tools should speed up the indexing process and get organic traffic flowing your way faster than ever before.

Special Guest Post Subitted by Abdul Umer, Social Media Strategist at 7search.com. Questions or comments for Abdul? Feel free to email him at A.Umer@7search.com