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PPC 101 – Tips for Quality Landing Pages

Landing pages are one of the most under-appreciated components to a successful search marketing campaign. The landing page really creates first lasting impression of your business, and visitors will judge the quality of your website within seconds. Your ultimate goal should be to retain visitors and generate sales. The wrong landing page design will result in increased site abandonment, and, ultimately, higher costs per lead.

In my day to day work with clients I have come to realize one glaring trust: most people get this dreadfully wrong! Please, help us to stop the vicious cycle of horrible landing pages!

Here are four tips for creating landing pages that convert:

Land your paid search visitors on your product page whenever possible. With online advertising, it really is a buyer’s market. With so many options available, you do not want visitors to have to search your site for your product.

Don’t Overlook Keyword Relevance. Be sure that your landing page content and the keyword delivering the traffic are closely correlated. There is nothing worse for your business than bringing in a customer looking for a product that you either a) do not offer or b) is located on a page other than the one they are on. Increase the relevance and minimize your bounce rate.

Do clearly define yourself and/or your product. Trust is the first thing you want to convey so give your viewers the key information they need to identify your product and/or you. They should be able to quickly answer the questions “What are they offering?”, and, “What should I buy this/download/submit my info?”. Be sure to deliver the pertinent facts!

Deliver User Friendly Site Navigation. Once a surfer arrives at your landing page, they need to be able to find what they were looking for. The ability to quickly and easily navigate your site will be a key aspect on which users will judge your offer(s). Organize Your Content Well. Please, stay away links that say, “CLICK HERE”. Instead, clearly label the navigation links to help guide your viewers through the content of your site. Save the surprises for birthdays and anniversaries 🙂

Design Your Landing Pages to Display Your Offer Above the Fold. Just like real life, your website only has a few seconds to make a first impression. Make the most of the time your visitors give you by being sure to placing your offer or desired action (lead box?) above the fold. This will minimize your bounce rate and, coupled with a strong call to action, should result in strong performance for your business.

The content on your site, much like the table of context in a book, should give the visitors an indication of what they will find on your site. Learn to love your landing pages! The best design is one that takes a common sense approach and couples clear information with a strong call to action. Remove the mystery about what you are offering and your visitors will be more likely to respond with conversions!


  1. great post on ppc landing pages conversion and great post on SEM. I found you on Facebook and then came here.
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    1. Thanks for the comment! We are always open to helping out other blogs with guest posts! Shoot me an email at cleo@askppcblog.com to discuss.

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