PPC Tools We Like: The PPC Blog Typo Generator

Every search marketer comes to that point managing a tough campaign where answers are hard to come by. Using best practices results in a campaign that is both fully optimized and, ultimately, tapped out. Where, then, do you turn when your client decides “I want more”?

It is an unenviable position to be in. One tool we have found (and often use) which provides a boost to “maxed out” campaigns is the PPC Blog Keyword Typos Generator.

Now, advertising keyword misspellings is certainly one of the oldest strategies to purchasing affordable keyword traffic. However, the practice seems to have gone out of vogue, especially on the 2nd tier search engines, as many marketers never consider utilizing them. This is unfortunate, and marketers who make the effort to investigate this avenue often discover real keyword “deals” for a fraction of the cost.

The tool itself features a clean design and straightforward interface. There is also a level of flexibility in the keyword variations you can generate that is surprising for a free tool. Looking for variations that feature a skipped, reversed, or doubled letters? How about keywords with a missing letter or extra letter added. Generating a list containing these and more is just a click away.

There are, however, a few minor negatives with this tool. One is the lack of an .csv or Excel export for your newly generated list. While it is easy enough to copy and paste to a text or word doc, .csv exports are the industry standard and this added portability would be a great benefit to users.

A second, slightly more annoying issue, is the inability to generate one continous list for all of your generated queries. Say, for example, that a user was looking to generate a typo list for their athletic shoes website. Searching for misspellings of “Nike”,”Addidas”,”Reebok”, etc., is simple enough. However, the user would need to query one term, copy the list generated and paste it in a document, search for a second term and repeat the process. This makes the tool a bit cumbersome and an upgrade here would be helpful.

The PPC Blog Typo Generator works. It is a no “frills” keyword tool that is easy to use and a great source for additional keyword ideas. While not recommended as a replacement for more established keyword tool offerings from Google, Wordstream, or 7search, this tool is an excellent option for planning a new and/or bolstering an existing paid search campaign. All for the price of free…you can’t beat that!