PPC Tools We Like: Yahoo Babelfish & Google Translate

Online advertising is, as we know, a multi-billion dollar industry, and with more and more people flocking to search marketing programs daily, we are in the midst of a modern day “Gold Rush”. Brand marketers now find themselves having to compete with both affiliate marketers and their natural competitors for their keywords. The “little guys” just getting started are facing a market that is over saturated in many top verticals in one of the top markets, United States. Even the smallest search engine is sure to have a full compliment of paid advertisers for competitive categories such as Online Dating, the Insurances (home, health, life, car), Education, and Gaming. What’s an advertiser to do?

In the spirit of Cortes and Columbus, it may be a good idea to explore other countries for your marketing (provided your offer is valid there). That’s why, in this month’s edition of PPC Tools We Like, we are taking a look at two invaluable tools to help make sure your sales pitch comes across crystal clear. Let’s take a look at Yahoo’s Babelfish Translator and Google Translate.

Yahoo Babelfish Translator

Originally a feature offered by Altavista, the Babelfish Translator was acquired, along with Altavista, by Yahoo in 2003. This free tool allows users to translate a block of text (150 words) or a web page, and provides translation services for 12 languages including:

Chinese (traditional)
Chinese (simple)

Yahoo also offers this as a feature embedded in it’s toolbar or as an embeddable option for site owners.

Google Translate

Originally launched in 2006 to translate the Arabic language, Google Translate is a free (for now) tool that offers everything Babelfish provides and more. Users can translate text, a web page, or a document stored on their computer, and also have access to alternate translations. In addition to the 12 languages , Google Translate works for an additional 52 languages!

While both tools do have some shortcomings for large scale translations, using either to translate some of your existing offers to different languages is a task worth undertaking. Let’s take a look at how each version handles translating a sample ad from English to Spanish.

Sample Ad

Yahoo Babelfish

Google Translate

The Google Translate version offers the best translation. Both versions, however, convey that the offer is for designer frangrances, that we are happy to fulfill their requests, and that the users can save 20% on the next purchase. Mission Accomplished.

The search marketing game is red hot, and marketers need to explore every angle to find their niche and succeed. Making use of these free translation tools can help advertisers get a leg up on their competition by targeting markets they previously would not have considered due to language barriers. After all, there is no point in leaving possible Shekels, Rupees, Pesos or Euros on the advertising table.