Search Giant Google Turns 15

Online search giant Google is celebrating it’s 15th anniversary this month, releasing an updated Chrome browser featuring an embedded search bar and apps functionality, improvements to their Knowledge Graph, an updated design for mobile search results, a pending upgrade to their search algorithm (codename: Hummingbird), and, of course, the much anticipated 15th birthday “doodle”:

Google 15

The crew at Google has come a long way in these past 15 years, and has their hands in so many different arenas that it is easy to forget that they are, at their core, search. Compare their search results in 1998 to todays, and it is plain to see that the product has evolved into the world’s greatest collection of readily available information.

Who could have known Google would grow into a company that could acquire an average of one company per week, create an email platform that dominates the industry in more than 50 languages, or would have the ability to turn more than 1000 employees into millionaires when it went public back in 2004?

What does the future hold for the big ‘G’? From dominating mobile to driverless cars, from Project Glass to internet for all, team Google is staying at the forefront of innovation while maintaining its dominance in core markets. While competitors like Facebook struggle maintaining the balance between innovation and shareholders, Google continues to drive its industry. To the benefit of all.

Happy birthday, Big ‘G’! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for consumers in the next 15 years.

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  1. Google does it all from Search Engine, they evolve so much. Like you, I wonder what’s next for Google.

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