Searching for an Alternative to Adsense?

If you are looking to make money with your blog or website, you’ve likely already kicked the tires on a Google AdSense account.  For years, AdSense has been the first stop bloggers make on the monetization highway, and with good reason.  Google dominates the industry, and adding your site to their content network brings you one step closer to earning the big bucks.

Your content + their network = SCORE!!!!

Quite often the AdSense “money train” is derailed before it ever leaves the station.  Many Google partners quickly find themselves excluded from serving ads for a myriad of reasons.  Sometimes the reasons are clear; often, though, Publishers receive vague letters informing them that they have been removed from network.  As any publisher who has received one of these messages can attest, once you’re out, YOU’RE OUT.  It’s nearly impossible to even connect with a representative to review why your account was suspended.

Wait – Google being cold and inflexible towards their publishers?  I too am shocked!

Adsense Shock[source]

Sarcasm aside, there are many strong alternatives to AdSense available for the site owner looking to monetize their content.

Here are 3 solid options to consider if AdSense stops allowing you to serve their ads:


Infolinks allows publishers to make money by serving their inventory of smart ads, which are powered by intent. They have a sizable network (100k sites worldwide) and deliver more than 1.5 billion monthly ad views.  Payouts start at $50 and can be made via PayPal, Check, Bank Wire Transfer, and Payoneer.

The Good: Clean ad design. Modern ad formats + non-exclusivity requirement frees up real estate to display additional ad inventory on pages.

The Bad: Infolinks can be tough on sites with low quality content.  Bring your ‘A’ game when applying.

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Chitika is a very attractive option for Publishers looking to monetize their sites.  They are very welcoming to new members and setting up your ads is a breeze.  This platform offers users access to all of the popular ad sizes and can be used in conjunction with AdSense or other publisher programs.  Payouts start as low as $10 via PayPal.  Payments by check start at $50.

The Good: Chitika has been very open to working with new publishers and features easy setup. Ad inventory can be displayed in conjunction with other programs.

The Bad: Often serves blocky ads that aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing.

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Do you have websites with a sizable following and premium content? is the place for you. This partnership will allow you to serve top-flight inventory from the Yahoo! Bing Network and boasts page-level precision targeting, which means highly relevant ads your readers are likely to consume.  They also promise 100% fill rate due their relationship with Yahoo! Bing.

The Good: If you have quality content/audience and AdSense is not an option,’s access to the Yahoo!Bing feed can be a boon to your monetization efforts.  Great earning potential.

The Bad: are looking to add top quality sites to their growing network.  Make sure you apply with your best site(s); even then getting accepted can be tough.

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Thoughts on other AdSense alternatives our readers can benefit from? Please share them in the comments section below!