Slapped by Google : What Now?

Let’s start with the facts. Fact #1 – There is no better passive revenue generating source on the market than Google’s Adsense Publisher Program. While the number of “alternatives” seems to increase daily, they lack the overall reach, volume of advertisers, and quality that Adsense delivers. These traits make its use highly desirable.

Fact #2 – It’s not as easy to make money with Adsense as it once was. One of my personal blogs had Adsense enabled for nearly a year and earned an underwhelming $24.35. The blog was updated with new, mostly original content often (3-5 times per week) and featured optimal ad placement. Is it possible the niche (men’s entertainment) had an impact on the earnings? Sure. The bottom-line, however, is that it is doubtful that bloggers can make a living relying on Adsense alone.

Fact #3 – For an alarming number of Adsense users, you will receive the dreaded “Google Boot” from their program without warning and the ability to appeal. For many, it reads something like this:

AskPPCBlog Translation:

Dear Nameless Person,Place, or Thing,

You may or may not be likely to, perhaps, in some way, or not but who knows(?) deliver traffic that does not meet our standards. Or not. You’ll never know (insert sinister laugh here).

You’re out!!! Grab some bench.

Here are some links which will tell you absolutely nothing, followed by an appeal process we will never actually review.


The Google AdSense Team

There is no denying that Google reserves the right to extend or disable the access of Publishers as they see fit. However, rejecting a partner via a canned, ambiguous rejection letter that does not address a real violation and/or provide the opportunity to resolve the matter highlights why a negative sentiment exists amongst many jilted former Adsense users. Google, it appears, does not need you. Period. Since they are really the only “game in town”, Google can conduct business in this manner. No competition = no worries for the Big “G”.

This may soon change. Microsoft is currently testing their own publisher network and could provide site owners and blogger with a real alternative to the Adsense empire. Our hopes are that the Bing team realizes the value of, not only providing quality traffic, but also delivering quality customer service and decency. Adding a first name and reason when rejecting a client also wouldn’t hurt:)